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Terms of use
1 - Scope of application
Malizziacomplementos , is the owner of the Internet portal www.airbagkit.es.
The present General Conditions have for object to regulate the conditions of recruitment and sale of products offered on the web www.airbagkit.es. These conditions are at all times subject to Spanish Law and EC Directives that regulate the conditions of employment in the operations of sale and purchase at retail stores. Among others, the following:
Law 26/84 of 19 June General for the Defence of Consumers and Users.
Law 7/98 of 13 April General Conditions of Contract.
Law 7/96 of 15 January Retail Trade.
Law 34/2002 of July 11, services information society and electronic commerce.
Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees of consumer goods.
Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament.
Shall also apply in any other Spanish Law, amendment of Law, EC Directive, not included in the above list, whose rules modify the conditions of the contracts of sale and is therefore applicable to the operations of sales that you make www.airbagkit.es with your customers.
Users who make transactions through www.airbagkit.es declare to know and accept without reserve or any exception to the present General Conditions. In case of doubt before any of the present General Conditions, the customer may consult the same with the Commercial Department through the following email: ventas@www.airbagkit.es.
www.airbagkit.es may modify, unilaterally and without prior notice any and all the obligations stipulated in the present General terms and Conditions, including prices on confirmed orders from a typographical error in the database of the web www.airbagkit.es or in the database of the supplier who has supplied the product or products incorrect www.airbagkit.es. In this case, www.airbagkit.es offer the client the possibility of refund of the order amount or replacement of the product or products that have changed their price with others of similar characteristics.
2.- Confirmation of the order.
It is understood that an order of the web www.airbagkit.es has been confirmed when you have executed the following four steps:
The client has selected in the shopping cart the product or products of the web www.airbagkit.es you want to buy.
The client accepts the General terms and Conditions of the website www.airbagkit.es and proceed to their identification, fill the form of billing information and delivery address for the order.
The customer selects one of the payment methods offered by the web www.airbagkit.es.
See forms of payment.
The client makes cash payment for the order in the form selected in the previous step.
3.- Prices
The prices displayed on the website www.airbagkit.es are expressed in Euro, not include VAT and are not including the shipping costs. The shipping costs will be charged separately. The products which are subject to canon under section 25.21 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April approving the revised text of the Law of Intellectual Property, incorporate the canon in the sale price. Unilaterally www.airbagkit.es reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the prices and availability of products included in your web page www.airbagkit.es. This modification, except typographical error, will not affect orders confirmed before the modification of the same.
3.1.- Taxes.
The prices of the products that are sold in our establishment of e-commerce include the VAT., that is paid at the same time of the purchase of the product. The purchasing system is subject to the legislation in force in Spain.
4.- Form of payment
Once the client start the process of purchase of the product or products that you have selected in the shopping basket, you will be asked for the data being strictly necessary to the issuance of the invoice, as well as to the notification of the shipping address of the order. Then, the web www.airbagkit.es offer the client 3 payment methods to choose from:
4.1.- Bank transfer.
Once the user has selected as an option for the payment method of bank Transfer, it will complete the process of the order in the www.airbagkit.esy is displayed below the bank account numbers where you can perform the transfer of the amount of the order, the user will receive instantly on the email address provided in the user record, an email detailing the order you have made.
At the time of the transfer, and with the object of facilitating the task of checking the payment of the order, is to thank all the customers that have noted as the concept of "Payment order" XXX " where XXX is the order number assigned to it. Once you have made the transfer to expedite the shipment of the product please send proof by email of the receipt of the transfer made.
The account numbers for payment transfers will be indicated at the time of choose this option.
4.2.- Credit card.
Our payment gateway is included within the payment systems securizados. Our gateway only supports VISA and MasterCard credit cards registered in the secure payment system VERIFIED by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode. Selecting the user payment by credit Card, our payment gateway will connect directly to the client with our bank (Cajamar), the data provided by the user are only stored in the banking system of Deposits.
4.4.- PayPal. Paypal
it is a medium used by companies and individuals to send and receive money online. Buy it safely without revealing their credit card number or your financial information. For more information about Paypal, visit : https://www.paypal.com/es/. If you are a Paypal user, you only need to check this option in the form of payment and the system automatically will redirect you to the Paypal website to make payment.
5.- Availability and Delivery of the order.
The web page www.airbagkit.es is subjected to a strict regime of daily update. This update task is carried out thanks to the information of the available stock in the warehouses of web www.airbagkit.es as well as the information of the availability of the providers www.airbagkit.es daily you receive via e-mail. The web page www.airbagkit.es is scheduled to allow customers to the ordering of products available, the client will not be able to select in your shopping basket and products with no availability. Given that the web www.airbagkit.es it is updated once every 24 hours, and the volume of orders that are confirmed every day, the customer accepts WITHOUT reservation, that you can give cases in which the customer confirms an order for a product or products whose availability in real time is out of stock. In this case, www.airbagkit.es offer the customer the opportunity to cancel the order and refund the amount thereof or the replacement of the product or products out of stock by others that are available, and are of similar performance.
Once the customer's order has been confirmed, we will proceed to the shipment of the order from the store www.airbagkit.es or from the warehouse of the supplier of www.airbagkit.es. The order is submitted through any of the transportation agencies of the national and who daily attend to the shipping of the orders confirmed on the web www.airbagkit.es. The customer accepts WITHOUT reservation that the term of delivery starts at the time that the transport agency generates the delivery note and collection of the order. The approximate time for delivery is 48 hours.
6.- Obligations of the customer in the order receipt:
The transport agency will deliver to the client the lump or lumps that form in your order and you will see two copies of the delivery note, a copy must be signed by the client and will be in the possession of the transport agency and the other copy will be for the customer. The signature of the delivery note implies of transportation conformity of the delivery of the order by the transport agency and the renunciation of any claim or complaint regarding the goods ordered and received.
Prior to the signing of the copy of the delivery note, the customer is OBLIGED to:
The customer is obliged to check that the number of items received match those listed on the delivery note of the transport agency.
The customer is obliged to check that the lump or lumps received are in perfect condition, understood in this sense: they do not observe deformation in the lump or lumps that would make you think that this (or these) have been hit during transport, the packages are perfectly sealed and maintained its seal original intact. In case you observe any anomaly in the package or packages is received, the client should note this anomaly in the comments section of both copies of delivery note and shall immediately contact with the sales Department www.airbagkit.es.
Although not observed any anomaly apparent as indicated in the previous point, the client is obliged to score in both copies of the delivery note the text "this Material is pending review" action is needed to be able to use the insurance coverage of transport in the event that the product or products included in the lump or lumps is proved that we have been damaged during transport.
The non-inclusion of the annotation that is in accordance with the two preceding paragraphs in the comments section of both copies of delivery note shall imply the waiver of any claim or complaint on the material received, and are exempt www.airbagkit.es of any responsibility for such material.
Once the client has signed the delivery note of the order and therefore are in possession of your order, you should check before removing the seal of the original Manufacturer's packaging of the product purchased, the description of the product contained in the packaging corresponds with the product purchased.
7.- Refund and withdrawal or revocation.
These conditions of return, withdrawal or revocation is governed by the provisions of Royal Decree 1906/1999 , of 17 December, which regulates telephone or electronic contracting as well as the Law 7/1998, of 13 April, on general conditions of the contract.
www.airbagkit.es reserves the right to demand compensation to offset any potential damage to the product or products to be returned, as well as to cover all the costs incurred in the return.
www.airbagkit.es accept the return of any materials received in the following cases:
The material sent to the customer has arrived broken, damaged or in bad conditions. In these cases, www.airbagkit.es will take care of the shipping costs and/or collection at the customer's home and replace it WITHOUT additional charges. The customer is obliged to check the material received with the object of verifying that the material received is in good conditions and not the circumstances described in this section, in the opposite case, the customer is obliged to communicate the abnormalities observed in a maximum period of 24 hours from the signing of copies of the collection sheet. The lack of such communication in case of an anomaly in the expected time frame hold www.airbagkit.es of any responsibility in the material received by the client.
The material sent to the customer is not requested. The client will communicate the incidence to www.airbagkit.es in a period not exceeding 5 working days from the date of signing the delivery slip. In this case, www.airbagkit.es will take care of the shipping costs and/or collection at the customer's home and replace it for the correct product WITHOUT any additional charges. The customer is obliged to return the wrong material in the same state in which it is delivered, with its original packaging intact and therefore in perfect condition for sale.
The customer has received their order correctly and wishes to return it. In this case the customer should communicate to www.airbagkit.es your intention to return the order within 7 working days from the signature of the delivery note. The client agrees to the waiver of this right of refund in the event that take more than 7 working days since the signing of the delivery note. The customer shall bear the cost of returning the material. The customer has to return material in the same state in which it is delivered, with its original packaging and therefore in perfect condition for sale. www.airbagkit.es refund the amount of the order paid by the customer within a maximum period of 5 business days from the receipt again of the material in the store that you designate www.airbagkit.es .
For all the cases of paragraph 7, the customer should contact the sales Department www.airbagkit.es in the Email :
8.- Warranty
All our goods sold are benefit from the warranty of the manufacturer, whose extent and duration differ between products and brands. The conditions of the warranty are as set forth in the "Warranty Conditions" that accompany each article, and may be different in each case, always in function of the different manufacturers, importers and distributors. In the case that the article did not take this document it will suffice to keep the invoice of the purchase, which will replace the print-out of the warranty, in case of not being specified in some document it is understood that this will be two years from the date of purchase. www.airbagkit.es will not accept any liability if the manufacturer refuses to apply such a guarantee for the reasons set forth in the warranty. The warranty cease to be effective, if malizziacomplementos checks reliably handling by the customer of the product.
9.- Product information www.airbagkit.es.
Due to the complexity of the maintenance and update of extensive catalog of products offered by the web www.airbagkit.es the user / client of the web www.airbagkit.es exempt www.airbagkit.es of any claim or complaint about the accuracy of the product information of the web www.airbagkit.es. www.airbagkit.es you will put the means at its disposal to endeavour to ensure that the product information of the web www.airbagkit.es be as exact as possible.
10.- Intellectual Property rights.
The Copyright of all the pages contained in www.airbagkit.es it is the property of www.airbagkit.es. www.airbagkit.es reserves all rights on its website, and may at any time modify its contents, configuration or presentation and restrict or cancel access to the web www.airbagkit.es without prior notice and without assuming responsibility for its update.
Except for personal and private use, is expressly prohibited the reproduction, copy, use distribution, commercialization, public communication or any other activity that is done with the information contained in this web site, and that is made without the authorization of www.airbagkit.es
11.- The protection of data.
In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, of Protection of Data of Personal Character, it warns the users –customers of the site www.airbagkit.es of the following:
The data that You provide to us through the forms that can be found on our website will be incorporated to a file whose owner and responsible is www.airbagkit.es personal data collected from our website will at all time strictly necessary to carry out the business operations conducted by the users – customers of the site www.airbagkit.es
Users who place orders through the web www.airbagkit.es give your consent to the use, processing and transfer of data to companies or entities involved in the management of the order.
The users – customers of the site www.airbagkit.es may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in relation to the personal data provided, by contacting by e-mail to: ventas@airbagkit.es.
10 .Severability
If any provision of these conditions is missing or pass to lack validity or unenforceable under applicable law, such provision would have no effect, but only to the extent that very lack of validity, and shall not affect any other provision of these conditions.
12.- Applicable law
These General Conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the Spanish legislation in force.

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